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Life Updates, Read, Write, Listen

Life Updates, Read, Write, Listen

Hello-Hello! It’s been a while since I posted something and I thought It’s time to loop you in. Thus, I will try to update you with read, write and listen life.

Well, well, well! Life is going and I am trying to see the best and the positive in every little thing. An adventure is not easy. The life of a hero is full of obstacles that need to be overcome. So, with my ragged metaphorical hero costume and cape, I am trying to save my day, to be my own hero.

If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been active and what I’ve been doing. Slightly. But at least, I did not go into hibernation. I read, wrote, listened, and watched some good stuff.

First, I read a plethora of books and comics and I plan to read even more. Thank goodness for the existence of audiobooks. For some of them I pan to write reviews. I have written a few of them on paper already. (The grammar, man! It’s killing me. ^^’) So expect reviews to drop off like cats and dogs. Although, I am debating if I should write a review for all of them… Decisions. Decisions.

I should see what I am going to do. There are a few ideas in my mind I would like to try including how to improve the blog. It’s a long and tedious process.

Besides working on book reviews, I also wrote a couple of lines here and there. Real life is full of inspirational sources especially when is accompanied by good music. I have lots of ideas but there are two main stories I am focusing on. One is a fantasy and the other is a contemporary. Sometimes, I debate if I should write or not considering that I got my inspiration from real people and events in my life. Then I say, “F it! It’s a work of fiction.”

Listen. Music. Well, I breath music. It’s the thing that makes my bones move. I will start to do new Music Madness picks soon so stay tuned. (See what I did there? Wink!)

In addition to my bookish life, I watched movies and TV Shows, visited Europe, and tried learning French all over again.


Until next time, feel free to check out my latest posts:

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Happy Reading!

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